PlayLife's Journey into Literary Realms

PlayLife isn't solely about gaming; it's a journey into the heart of timeless literature. These classics transcend mere stories—they shape morals, spark curiosity, and provoke profound self-reflection.

Led by a team of experts in literature, psychology, game design, and more, our mission is to give new life to these price-less narratives. We've crafted an immersive gaming experience using AI superpower. Players step into characters' shoes, navigating their trials, victories, and moral dilemmas, while extracting the literary nectar like never before

Beyond the excitement of the game lies a path of self-discovery. Our dedication extends to teaching effective communication—a crucial skill in a digital age where virtual interactions often blur reality. We're guiding users back to authentic connections, helping them shed digital facades and regain confidence in real-life interactions

Our aims is to cultivate social adaptation, emotional intelligence, authenticity and refine communication skills. Through PlayLife platform, individuals not only engage but learn to thrive experiences from gems of literary thought interactions in real-world literary settings

Experienced Team

face Evgeny Xata CEO
face Necros CTO
face Maximus Creative director
face Dianna Legal Compliance
face Gavrilov Screenwriter
face Zemland IP Acquisition
face Nick Articy Game Designer
face Wildwebart Legal Compliance
face Koreandre 3D Character Animator
face Anna Fleur Psycholog. Engineer
face JinDream Technical Producer
face Elya Pscyholog. Team Lead
face Garaev 3D Texture Designer
face Maya Psycholog. Engineer
face A. D. Character Illustrator
face Anastasiia Articy Engineer
face Len UI/UX Designer
face Evgen’ich AI Prompt Engineer
face Daniil Y. UI/UX Designer
face Oleg Immersive Audio Arch.
face Tatiana Pscyholog. Engineer
face Alex 2D Animator
face CapibAsya 2D Character artist
face Timofey 2D Animator
face Maslov Game designer,
Articy Lead
face Ilya Kaduk Python Backend Engineer
face Maksick Unity Front-End Engineer

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