Jan 2024 Inaugural Character Set
Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost

  • virginia

    Virginia Otis (Daughter)

    Personality: Gentle, compassionate, and sensitive.

    Role in the Story: Embodies innocence and kindness, compassionate towards the ghost.

    Significance: Her empathetic nature influences the resolution of the ghost's predicament.

  • virginia

    Mr. Hiram B. Otis (Father)

    Personality: Pragmatic, logical, and skeptical.

    Role in the Story: Represents modern American practicality, dismissive of the ghost's antics.

    Significance: His skepticism contrasts with Virginia's empathy, adding to the story's depth.

  • ghost

    Mrs. Lucretia R. Tappan Otis (Mother)

    Personality: Slightly eccentric, practical, and strong-willed.

    Role in the Story: Assertive and determined, handling the ghostly encounters with practical solutions.

    Significance: Portrays a blend of modern sensibilities and a touch of superstition, adding humor to the story.

  • housekeeperamulet

    Mrs. Amni (Housekeeper)

    Personality: Pragmatic, no-nonsense, and traditional.

    Role in the Story: Offers practical advice, sometimes reflecting old-world beliefs.

    Significance: Reflects the traditional servant role while being an integral part of the family dynamics.

  • ghost

    Lord Canterville (The Canterville Ghost)

    Personality: Despairing, sorrowful, and tormented.

    Role in the Story: Haunts the mansion, troubled by a past curse, seeking redemption.

    Significance: Serves as the central figure whose redemption is tied to Virginia's compassionate act.

  • The Otis Twin Brothers

    Personality: Mischievous, lively, and adventurous.

    Role in the Story: Add a sense of playful energy and curiosity to the household.

    Significance: Their antics contrast with the seriousness of the ghost's haunting.

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